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Only as a Parent

Hello Reader, Only as a parent the simplest thing are like climbing a mountain. My one and half year old thinks he is run the show. While of course leads to a struggle of catching him as he darts down the hall. I've felt the struggle my whole life but…
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Products by Blog of the Mom

Hello Readers, In the past few months I have been making and selling handcrafted products. You can find them in my shop but I'm about to tell you all about them! The first product I started producing is my Dum Dum Tree.  A flower pot painted with any design from…
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Users Reviews for Baby Daybook

Hello Reader, The last few days I have sent out emails to the users of the Baby Daybook application the I supplied with promo codes for the application expansion, asking for their thoughts on how the app worked for them. Here are some words from those users now: The app…
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Revenge Flowers

Hello Reader, Today I want to tell you a little bit about a website that my friend has been running for just about a year now. It's called Revenge Flowers! Now your probably like; "What the.... revenge flowers?" Well yes, and I think it is a fantastic idea but first…
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Bottle Message Gifts

Hello Reader, Today I'd like to tell you about this wonderful gift idea I was presented with! It's called Message in a Bottle, family owned and operated for the last seventeen years! They have gifts, invitations and do it yourself kits all for a reasonable price. These timeless items can be…
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Growing in Baby Daybook

Hello Reader, I know it's been a while  since I've posted about this amazing app but not a whole lot has change for us in the last few months but on Monday my son will be on strictly solid foods for a whole week! He's a growing boy! Which means…
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Boys will be Boys

Hello Reader, It's  been five weeks since my darling monster son has turned one and in that amount of time he has split his head open twice and bruised up his cheek pretty badly.  The first time he split his head open was the day we went to the pumpkin…
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Toddler Food Testing

Hello Reader, On Wednesday my boyfriend and I ordered our second batch of toddler food from Jet.com.  We switched out some of our original picks of toddler food you see in this video because of our son's reaction to three of the items in our last order. Now don't get…
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Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza

Hello Reader, Sunday my Aunt and I took the little man to the Fischer's Croix Farm Orchard pumpkin patch here in Hasting. This is my son's second halloween but the first one that he will be celebrating because last year he was a little over a month old.  I have to say the…
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party plans

Let the Celebration Commence

Hello Readers, As most of you know my son's birthday was last month and our lives have been very busy. Hints why I haven't posted in over a month... hahaha but as the title implies I am excited to tell you all about my son's first birthday.  His birthday was…
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