Style Change

Style Change

Hello Reader,

Today I want to talk about my style change and how this experience has gone for me. I posted this video April 2nd on my youtube channel showing readers my new outfit. In the video I am showing off a dress my boyfriend picked out for me to wear easter with his family. If it hadn’t of been for him I probably would’ve overlooked the dress just because I didn’t think I’d look good in it.

Half my problem is having a hard time giving any new styles a chance. I’ve always gone by the rule, if you don’t love it in the store you won’t wear it because with me that has stood to be true so many times. My old style being a mix between raver and rocker. I just don’t feel comfortable walking around in furry leg warmers and a leather jacket with a unicorn on it while carrying a baby.  My style doesn’t feel like me anymore….

style change
8 weeks pregnant with my son

Many things have changed about how I like to wear my clothes. Jeans for example, I use to not be able to stand anything that even touched my waist line. Everything had to be on my hips or I wasn’t wearing it. Now if my pants slide down past my waist even a little I’m doing a shimmy dance to pull them back up. Skinny legged anything was never something I would even have considered while shopping and now I have four different pairs of pants like that.  Tight graphic tee’s turned into flowy flowers shirts and mini skirts with flip flops turned into sundresses with wedges.

style change

Like the dress, I haven’t picked out a lot of my new clothes. My grandma Nana sent a package last week full of clothes for my son and I. That reminds me, I have to call her and thank her OR better yet I’ll send her a card! Haha yes, let’s bring back the original form of contact. There were three different outfits for each of us and for a woman who hasn’t seen me in five years she did an amazing job finding thing that look cute on me. Also, things I would have probably passed over while looking. Maybe that’s the solution… maybe other people have to point me in the right direction. 😛

That’s about all I have time for today but I hope you all will be back tomorrow and I’d love you hear from you. Questions, comments or ideas.

Thank you for reading, now go get your mom on!


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style change
The day he was born already seems so long ago…

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  1. You are beautiful in every looks and style, by nature 🙂 Still, the first style he is dashing cool, most like for me 🙂 Be healthy!

  2. Mom style is hard to figure out anyways! What I have from prebaby is still my style, but doesn’t fit or doesn’t fit mom demands. No big necklaces!! Trying new things for new phases of life is always a good thing.

  3. Okay… This article is my life. I look at pictures of myself before my son like 1.i did not appreciate my body back then enough and 2. What was I wearing…. Lol! Love this!

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