Blogger Mom Photos

Blogger Mom Photos

Hello Reader,

In this entry I want to talk to you about a passion I’ve had my whole life that I have recently taken a jump with. I call it Blogger Mom Photos. I chose that name because my son and my blog has given me the confidence to take a few more risks with my dreams. As a child picture day was my favorite. If there was a camera was out at a family gathering I had to make some dramatic poses. After I got my first camera I was taking pictures of everything.

One set of pictures I still wish I had was the ones I took the summer the bee’s built a hive on the outside of our front bay window. I took a picture every morning before I left and every night when I got home from school. I had daily records of the building of the hive, the population growth and making of honey! Best experience I had that year and I think that was the year we went to the beach in New Jersey for Christmas.

In my teens my hair was the inspiration of a lot of my photos, now days its my son. He is my life and I want to capture everything. Most times I do. As he’s gotten older he’s taken a liking to the camera. Sometimes it makes it hard to take pictures of him while doing things because when he sees the camera he stop what he’s doing and starts to come after it.

Blogger Mom  Photos is just an experiment. I want offer a quality service for an affordable price. Something cheap that anyone can afford and I’m working on multiple ways for consumers to get their pictures. Two that I’ve come up with so far is for me to mail the pictures to the customer after they are printed with a small shipping and handling fee and another being they can buy a memory chip that I offer so they can print the pictures themselves.

Blogger Mom Photos also offers specialty items such as card/invitations, mouse pads, playing cards, notebooks and coffee cups for at home and on the go. In the future Blogger Mom Photos might add things like pillows, blankets, iphone cases and plenty of other things but first I want to see if business comes. This is all a big risk for me. I could end up losing more money than I make and when my plan for the money I made was to be put away for my son, that could definitely be an emotional problem for myself.

There have been a few times I have almost given up on my blog because it doesn’t seem like anyone really cares to read what I have to say. It’s discouraging at times but my son is the best inspiration I need to wake up in the morning so I also use him to encourage me in other things in my life. Like why my blog is about my experiences being his mother and related topics. Writing about him isn’t as always easy as I thought it would be but it always feels so rewarding to reread an entry and think my son has made me a better person.

My son pushes me to exceed the limitations I have set for myself out of fear. He’s too young to understand and there is a possibility he never will but I thank him everyday for blessing my life with his existence. He is far from perfect but he is my angel. With him as my inspiration I can see Blogger Mom Photos a few years from now, a nice bright sign on a cute little store front.  Haha anything thing could happen. 😉

Check out Blogger Mom Photos for yourself.

That’s about all I have time for today but I hope you all will be back tomorrow and I’d love you hear from you. Questions, comments or ideas.

Thank you for reading, now go get your mom on!


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The looks he gives to the camera are priceless!





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  1. Great post! I’m absolutely addicted to taking photos of my two boys as well. I would spend so much time writing funny posts to post on Facebook my husband encouraged me to start a blog. Blogging combines my love of taking pictures with my love of writing. It’s perfect!

    Great article. I could totally relate! Blog on!!

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