Baby Daybook

Baby Daybook

Hello Reader,

Today I am going to share with you part one of my review on Baby Daybook. The most helpful phone application for mom’s that I have encountered. The reason I am doing this in separate parts is because, I am so impressed with this app that if I told you all about it in one blog it would go on forever and ever and I would eventually lose your interest.

Baby Daybook  was the fifth or sixth app of it’s genre I tried. The others just didn’t have everything I need or included thing I wouldn’t or couldn’t use for different reasons. Such as I was starting them to late or they only tracked growth and breastfeeding, stuff like that. You may ask like other have, why I need this application. Well, my brain during and still yet after pregnancy has been very scattered. During my pregnancy I lost about ten or twelve different hats and scarves, even my favorite pair of gloves! I have found myself in the middle of sentences and not only forgetting what I was about to say but forgetting what I was talking about all together.

Before finding this application I spent a lot of my time trying to remember what time it was the last time my son ate or had his diaper changed. Wondering how long it had been since his last nap. I found myself doing things twice. Going to change a dry diaper, making him a bottle twenty minutes after he finished one and the worst one, letting him get up early from naps because time was oblivious to me.

This app I am about to show you, changed all that for me! I only wish I had found it sooner!!

Visit their website HERE

You can download Baby Daybook! For free in your Google play store.

Baby Daybook   Baby Daybook  Baby Daybook

Now before I officially start my review I want to tell you that I bought the Pro version for Baby Daybook. I have things available to me in this picture on the left, that a free user wouldn’t. It is only $3.99 to upgrade and I would recommend doing so. Though if you can’t afford it, don’t have a credit card or just don’t want to, Baby Daybook still works wonderfully without.

As you can see in the pictures above this is my son’s log. I have stuck labels where his personal information would be. Nothing else is visually different than in Baby Daybook official application.

In the picture on the left, you see the top half of the column there?……      “I hope so because I can’t point to it.” In that top half you can use two out of the four in the free version of Baby Daybook.  Timeline and Statistics are pro version exclusive but as I said before the app is still wonderfully helpful without the upgrade.

In the middle picture you will see a circle with a banner running through it, I placed that there to show you that Baby Daybook supports more than one child’s log at a time. (I do not need this perk and therefore did not look into it before upgrading, so I can’t tell you if you receive that feature with the free version or not.) You have twins, no problem! More than one baby or toddler to take care of, no problem!

Dropping your child off at a private babysitter? This app is prepared for that too! Let’s look back at the photo on the left, in the bottom column this time. See the DropBox? You can sync your account (as shown in the photo below) to your babysitter’s device and the log will continue as it was. You will be able to refresh the log from your device at anytime and not disrupt any activity that might be going on in the log at that time.

Baby DaybookBaby Daybook

Awesome, right? Well you want to hear something even better?  I’ve been talking with the creators of Baby Daybook and they have give me an inside tip on a new update that will…… well here. I’ll just let you read for yourself!


Next month we’re planning to release a new Baby Daybook app update which will change the way how sync works now. We’ll ditch Dropbox and will allow to sign in using Google or Facebook account and share baby’s data to other accounts. This way, the app should be much more convenient for baby’s caregivers or nannies.

What do you think now? Impressive, right? I mean,I know I am definitely looking forward to this update!

Baby Daybook has so much to offer you that I am not only going to do one blog about it. I am going to continue to blog about it and show you just how useful this application can be for scatter brained mom’s like myself or for mom’s with too much going on.

Now to the best part! The daily activity log! In the daily activity log there are many option to make it a better fit for you, as a mom. For example I didn’t breastfeed long and so in my activity log I have boxes unchecked. (Shown in the picture below.) This allows me to not have to deal with extra scrolling.

Baby Daybook

 There for makes my activity header look clean and to the point.

Baby Daybook

Baby Daybook

 Nice isn’t it? Then keep an eye out for my next blog on this topic. Look for Baby Daybook, to you TOO for more information and don’t forget to check out Baby Daybook for yourself!

That’s about all I have time for today but I hope you all will be back tomorrow and I’d love you hear from you. Questions, comments or ideas.

Thank you for reading, now go get your mom on!


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