Baby Daybook Update

Baby Daybook Update

Hello Reader,

Baby Daybook’s Update should be out any day now! I’ve been waiting for this for a few months and I’m hoping to see the notification on my phone son saying that it is available!

From a prior conversations I had with the creators of Baby Daybook:

“Baby Daybook app update which will change the way how sync works now. We’ll ditch Dropbox and will allow to sign in using Google or Facebook account and share baby’s data to other accounts. This way, the app should be much more convenient for baby’s caregivers or nannies.”

For more information on the app itself you can check it out in your google play store or in my three reviews on it Baby Daybook, Baby Daybook to you TOO, and  Baby Daybook one, two, THREE.

Share this with the fellow mothers you know because I have 28 promo codes given to me personally by the creators of  Baby Daybook to hand out to my readers!

For other useful app for pregnancy through toddlers check out my last post on my Recommended Applications for Mother’s.

That’s about all I have time for today but I hope you all will be back tomorrow and I’d love you hear from you. Questions, comments or ideas.

Thank you for reading, now go get your mom on!


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