2016 HOC

2016 HOC

Hello Reader,

I’ve been invited to join the 2016’s HOC. The Home Organization Challenge. I could use some organization encouragement right now. I am typically a pretty organized person but my house work has been slipping. I got super behind around the time I wrote postpartum and haven’t been able to get on top of is since. So, when the opportunity was presented to me to join this challenge, I was obviously interested!  🙂

HOC Now I don’t have a huge house or town home so my space is limited just like my budget. Organizing a small space might not seem like that big of a deal and it wouldn’t be if we didn’t have so much stuff. When we moved in we had one set of dishes, no silverware and a folding table in our kitchen.  Now thanks to many of my family members, who were conveniently getting rid of things a few months after my boyfriend and I moved in, our whole kitchen is full to the point of overflowing.

I will be updating my video blog throughout the week with my progress. This week is just the kitchen next week is pantry but since I live in a small apartment I will be doing the front hall closet instead.

That’s about all I have time for today but I hope you all will be back tomorrow and I’d love you hear from you. Questions, comments or ideas.

Thank you for reading, now go get your mom on!


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